Wazoku named leader of SPARK Matrix ™: innovation management,

Scaling up innovation Wazoku announced today that it has positioned itself as a leader in the Quadrant knowledge solutions SPARK Matrix ™: Innovation Management, 2021.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions analyzed Wazoku and 16 other innovation management vendors, focusing on each company’s product portfolios, technology strategies, market presence and customer value proposition.

The SPARK Matrix provides an overview of the major market players and a visual representation of their positioning, as well as strategic insight into how each supplier ranks against its competitors.

Wazoku has been recognized for its Integrated Business Innovation Platform which provides a comprehensive innovation offering for businesses. The report highlighted that this is a “one-stop-shop”, including not only innovation management, but also an open market for innovation and innovation advisory services.

“Wazoku provides an innovation management platform as part of its overall enterprise innovation offering that enables organizations to connect and interact with their employees, ecosystem, customers and the rest of the world. world to generate new ideas as part of a larger innovation strategy.

The company received good marks on the parameters of technological excellence and customer impact and was also positioned among the technology leaders in the SPARK 2021 matrix of the innovation management platform market, ”said Manish Chand Thakur, analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.

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“In addition, Wazoku offers a wide range of consulting services and options at different stages of the innovation process. The platform also provides functionality for idea submission, gamification, collaboration and analysis that an organization needs to innovate at scale and helps accelerate innovation results, embed a culture of innovation or to solve complex innovation challenges.

Thus, with its robust technological offerings, comprehensive functional capabilities, compelling product strategy and roadmap, Wazoku is well positioned to expand its market share in the global innovation management platform market ”.

Wazoku was further praised for his use of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to help create a corporate memory of ideas for businesses and the ability to highlight unexpected relationships. by matching people, ideas and problems. The integration of the platform with various tools and applications was also highlighted, along with its open API which integrates with all backend systems of the company and shares data to the platform.

“With the challenges the world is currently facing, such as climate change, global health and more, large-scale innovation has never been more important,” said Simon hill, CEO, Wazoku. “A lot of work has gone into our Enterprise Innovation Platform, and seeing it recognized as a single market proposition is extremely rewarding.

We are now providing the best internal and external crowdsourcing platform required to tackle today’s most complex challenges, and it is an essential platform for any business serious about innovation.

The full report, SPARK Matrix ™: Innovation Management, 2021, is available for purchase from Quadrant Knowledge Solutions.

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