The booming culture of innovation, an opportunity for investors:

Chris Gilbert, ma managing director and co-founder of Equitise, which facilitates investment in start-ups and businesses, told Nest Egg that while Australia is not quite at the level of Israel, the Kingdom United or the United States in terms of innovation, Australia “evolves” the landscape offers opportunities.

Responding to the question of whether Australia lacked a strong entrepreneurial spirit, as Bernard Salt once said, Mr Gilbert said: “I think that is certainly true to some extent.

“It was much truer when I entered the start-up world myself while working at Deloitte about six years ago. “

However, the days when start-ups were seen as a risky decision are “definitely over,” he said, noting the amount of money funneled into venture capital.

“There has been a bunch of venture capital funds that have started in the last three or four years and we have $ 2 billion in new capital allocated through pension funds and various other funding mechanisms for capital. risk, said Mr. Gilbert.

“So the risk factor around [start-ups] and not innovating has definitely changed.

Continuing, he said that even the simple onlooker can tell the space is improving simply by the number of people wearing start-up t-shirts in Sydney’s CBD.

With this growth in mind, he said, Equitise sees itself as a channel for funding and supporting start-ups.

“Equitise is another name for accessing capital from non-traditional sources like venture capital and strategic investments from banks, using channels of friends and family where you can easily transact online., said Mr. Gilbert.

“Really democratize investing and allow anyone to invest in these cool and potential high growth companies. “

He said Equitise hopes to help investors close the “Death Valley funding gap” for start-ups.

The $ 1-5 million funding gap can be difficult to close, he explained, as anything under $ 1 million can be bridged through deals with friends and family, while anything over $ 5 million can be met through debt financing or venture capital.

“Crowdfunding kind of bridges that gap and makes it easier for people to transact., said Mr. Gilbert.

“And by connecting these financing mechanisms, we hope that more companies will be released and stimulate more innovation.

“We’re really trying to break down walls and some of the complications of starting a business, including capital. “

He said awareness of equity crowdfunding is improving as more people invest, with most investors investing between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000.

“It’s affordable. But we see this as an alternative to investing in a small cap NASDAQ stock and now they’re now thinking instead of putting it in this type of risky asset class, why wouldn’t I put it in the company cool products I’ve heard of, like a brand of beer or a gin label or something similar, said Mr. Gilbert.

The booming culture of innovation, an opportunity for investors:

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Last updated: 08 June 2018

Posted: 08 June 2018

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