Tesseract leverages KC’s persistent culture of innovation with local partnership to build IoT tools

A The new partnership between a leading robotics creator and one of his fellow Kansas City tech innovators showcases the founder’s long-standing commitment to harnessing the region’s potential as an engine of collaboration.

“When I came back to Kansas City to launch Tesseract, I decided to lead by example and try to build close networks, highly strategic partnerships, and build the stickiest (most innovative) culture possible” , said John Boucard. , CEO and founder of Tesseract, the Kansas City-based creator of radically connected robotics and software for applications ranging from construction and military to toy design and development and interactive clothes.

“It’s the ability to create close and trusted networks inside Kansas City that fascinates me and that I will continue to encourage and support,” Boucard continued. “I believe Kansas City is America’s quietly revolutionary place.”

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Tesseract Ventures is the developer of a connected technology ecosystem that combines hardware such as sensors, data collection anchors, advanced wearables, and revolutionary smart space, with next-generation software that provides organization and in-depth data visualization.

When combined, these tools provide organizations with a clear view of their operations at all levels, revealing insights that can improve efficiency, safety and security.

Tesseract this week announced a strategic partnership with Velociti, a provider of enterprise technology services and solutions in Kansas City for 25 years. The collaboration allows both companies to scale beyond their current scopes, creating new opportunities to provide their customers with robust, custom technologies that can transform the way they do business, Tesseract and Velociti said.

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“Our customers turn to us for tools that can transform the way they work and do business,” said Deryk Powell, President and COO of Velociti. “We believe that with Tesseract, we can develop the solutions they need to better understand what is happening within their own businesses and prepare for what is to come.”

And what is shortly?

Companies plan to create and implement new integrated IoT technology tools that can withstand the ever-increasing complexity of logistics in construction, transportation, military, healthcare and beyond, Boucard said. .

“Tesseract’s strength lies in 21st century innovation and creating specialized technologies that can provide organizations with the information they need to make better decisions,” he continued. “Velociti has 25 years of experience in strategizing and implementing smart technology solutions for its clients. This partnership leverages both of our strengths as we strive to bring to life new tools and systems that can meet the challenges facing modern organizations.

With its primary operations based in Kansas City, Tesseract is also strategically expanding and refining its focus on supporting the US military and Department of Defense through its Cyber ​​Physical Studio. That means an additional base of operations in Florida to complement the innovation center Tesseract helps cultivate locally, Boucard said.

“Tampa will become my narrow focus to create a group of quiet professionals where I can amplify their best qualities and provide veterans with a new culture where they will be embraced and get to work on a future state,” he said. “It is my honor to do so.”

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