Qualtrics rewards exceptional customers for their strategic management of innovation

Kroger, Mastercard and UPS were among the global companies recognized by Qualtrics as 2022 Breakthrough Artists for integrating XM solutions into their strategic innovation management.

Qualtrics, an SAP-owned company specializing in experience management, recently announced the latest winners of its annual competition Breakthrough Artists Award, which rewards top brands for embarking on journeys of experience transformation amid the pandemic. Winners who leveraged data to deliver unprecedented customer, employee and brand experiences received a bespoke Yamaha Revstar guitar designed by Qualtrics in partnership with Yamaha. The laser etched guitar concept represents the boldness and attention to detail of the Breakthrough Artists in the implementation of projects.

Kylan Lundeen, chief marketing officer at Qualtrics, said COVID-9 has irreversibly changed the way people work and do business. Highlighting the winners’ feat of innovating to keep pace with disruption, he said:

“These people, their teams and their businesses not only adapted quickly to these changes by listening to what their customers and employees were thinking and feeling, but also quickly implemented the changes that propelled their businesses forward. We’re incredibly proud of the work they’ve done to create breakthrough experiences for customers and employees.

Winners demonstrating excellent strategic innovation management

Mastercard: Revolutionary Customer Experience Artist

Facing the challenges of poor data discovery and data silos that led to a fragmented customer experience, Mastercard enlisted Qualtrics to design a centralized CX solution to help the company gain deep insights into customers, foster self-service and nurture a culture that places great importance on customer satisfaction.

In partnership with Qualtrics, the company has developed a CX strategy for both its B2B and B2C businesses to break down silos in the organization and enable a better flow of information, including customer data and feedback, so that the department takes appropriate action. The CX transformation strategy has enabled MasterCard to increase overall customer satisfaction (OSAT) for billing by 11% and unify teams and resources through a single “center of excellence”.

“Over the past five years, Qualtrics adoption has exploded – and we’ve established ourselves as the industry experts within Mastercard. It’s the tool people use now if they need to perform a quick survey or understand customer feedback,” Shonelle Price, vice president, MasterCard.

Chobani: Revolutionary Product Experience Artist

As the yogurt-milk category leader in the United States, Chobani invests heavily in R&D for product development as well as market research in the non-dairy milk category to uncover white space opportunities. The manufacturer has partnered with Qualtrics to conduct extensive research on its new oat milk product to better understand the non-dairy milk category, create tailored messages to engage consumers and prioritize product options , including prices and packaging.

“We wanted a concrete idea of ​​customer needs – from where our concept excelled, to where it could be improved – not only for product optimization, but also to improve our messaging down the line,” said Allison Masor, chief information officer at Chobani.

Leveraging insights gathered with Qualtrics, Chobani was able to confidently and quickly enter the oat milk category, achieved a whopping 222% year-over-year dollar growth for the category, and took a 16.5% dollar share of the oat milk market.

Mercado Libre: Revolutionary Experience Management Artist

Mercado Libre (MELI) is a leading online marketplace and a major host of the fintech ecosystem in Latin America, particularly in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay and Peru, generating more than $2 billion in revenue per year. In an effort to accelerate its business growth and customer-centric engagement, MELI leveraged Qualtrics to become a better-informed, more responsive business partner to create end-to-end experiences.

MELI’s experience transformation journey encompasses customer, employee and product innovations, achieving 85% employee engagement, 4th position for “Best Workplaces” in Latin America and a 15% increase NPS points.

“It’s important that every candidate we interview has a positive experience, whether or not they get the job. These people are also our customers or will talk to family and friends who are customers. They might even play a different role down the line. Qualtrics has allowed us to identify and enrich the experiences we offer”, Marina Seitun, People Experience Sr. Manager at Mercado Libre.

Patreon: Revolutionary Brand Experience Artist

A leading provider of business tools for content creators, Patreon has tackled the hurdle of creators connecting directly to their fans. Partnering with Qualtrics, the company was able to cut out the middleman, uncover trends and demands, and create unparalleled experiences by analyzing user data.

Leveraging Qualtrics BrandXM, Patreon was able to gain deeper insight into market trends and drivers by region. The company’s strategic innovation management has helped Patreon reach over 250,000 creators and achieve awareness growth of 10 points in the US and 20 points in the UK.

“As we invest more in our product, we want to ensure that creators and fans are at the forefront of innovation. Together with Qualtrics, we can keep the pulse on their needs and the future of the industry” , Veronica Darrah, Head of Market Research at Patreon.

Kroger: Revolutionary Employee Experience Artist

Kroger, the third-largest employer and one of the largest grocers in the United States, needed to collect regular feedback from its employees to continue improving the employee and customer experience. Recommended by its People Analytics team, Kroger tapped Qualtrics to provide strategic innovation management that enabled the company to gather employee insights at scale through surveys and quickly employ actions. appropriate.

Amid the pandemic, Kroger was able to implement 30 policy and process changes based on collected data, gain regular feedback from 500,000 employees, and increase the impacts of its DEI initiatives.

“Our employees are our greatest asset. They interact with customers and keep our stores open and stocked, which makes their voice invaluable. By focusing on associate feedback, we’ve created a culture of listening that helps us take actionable steps to improve the employee experience,” Rodney McMullen, CEO of Kroger.

UPS: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Breakthrough Artist

Already with an impressive employee experience strategy, the leading shipping, supply chain management and logistics company wanted to elevate the company’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative to deliver a best-in-class employee experience to its more than 534,000 employees worldwide.

Working with Qualtrics, the logistics company conducted comprehensive surveys to dig deep into employee sentiment and behaviors and develop local solutions by geography. The Experience Transformation Project enabled UPS to increase the number of employee referrals by 10 points and create the “You Belong to UPS” initiative, which promotes a culture of fairness, openness, creativity, belonging and connectedness.

“Every employee, from the front to the office, has a place here. They are welcome, revered and part of our business. We wanted more features to help unlock doors, eliminate resistance or friction, and understand how we can improve experiences to ensure employees continue to feel like they belong,” said Charlene Thomas, Chief Diversity Officer. , equity and inclusion at UPS.

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