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HackersEra is a company dedicated to ensuring the safety of people who have been subjected to cyber attacks. A well-known cybersecurity services company that has led the way in adopting flexible business strategies that today allow our customers to operate much more protected while delivering greater value.

Their power lies in their ability to understand the business activities, approach, goals and targets of their customers across industrial divisions, in addition to providing reliable customer-oriented services.

The theme of work in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic

HackersEra has made an abrupt shift from offline collaborative working to online collaborative working during this pandemic. Businesses are still asking for more help almost a year after the COVID-19 problem began. Every business and every function has faced many challenges, making it one of the most difficult functions in the business.

However, it is necessary because it motivates us to learn more and improve our skills. Even during this pandemic, HackersEra has ensured that its clients do not suffer from this new shift in their work, and they have decided to come out of this pandemic better and stronger.

Some questions can be seen as fundamentals that everyone working in a different industry needs to master. After all, you can’t get over a circumstance if you believe you can’t. Even during such a critical time, HackersEra made sure they remained happy and productive.

Team beliefs

If there is work to be done, you must do it at all costs. If you don’t have a job to do, you can take time out and spend it with your family.

HackersEra, as a cybersecurity service provider, is responsible for the security of staff endpoints, which contain customer data. From onboarding workers to handing over the project, they use the best standard approach.

They train their staff so that no customer information gets out of hand. Regarding their work approach, they are always attached to the startup culture. And the best part? their employees are not required to wear a uniform.

Share your knowledge: the ultimate game changer!

Knowledge sharing is essential for the growth of an organization as it enables better verdict, the development of learning businesses and, finally, the stimulation of cultural change and creativity.

Avoiding unnecessary effort by properly handling everyone’s thoughts saves a lot of time and money, not to mention streamlining work and maintaining staff morale. Knowledge sharing also increases administrative and operational collaboration between staff.

Therefore, in our company, we have a thing called Share Your Knowledge, where everyone can share their ideas.

Progress of HackersEra

India has positioned itself as one of the most important startup ecosystems in the world. Every day a new business emerges from the sea of ​​prospects, hoping to join the ranks of India’s startup success stories. And, just like that, in 2015, HackersEra was founded out of one man’s idea for a better, more secure online domain. Vikash Chaudhary, CEO and Founder of HackersEra, is the driving force behind this remarkable company.

“We started HackersEra in a tiny one bedroom apartment in 2015 and have never looked back. We have continued to grow and will do so for the foreseeable future. If we are talking about sales, we added 400% more customers than the previous year, ”says Vikash Chaudhary, CEO and Founder of HackersEra.

Prizes received so far

As for the achievements, it goes without saying that there have been several minor and significant achievements in HackersEra, but the most notable achievements have been the awards.

HackersEra was named Entrepreneur of the Year, while Vikash Chaudhary, CEO and founder of the company, was named Rising Star of India.

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