How Design and Innovation Management Can Help Your Business Build the Future


In a world characterized by rapid change and daunting challenges, the future depends on people who can think creatively, transcend borders, and reframe complex business issues into opportunities to build the future.

The point is, design is revolutionizing business. Companies recognized around the world for their innovation take a design approach to overcome challenges, improve products and services, satisfy customers and gain competitive advantage. And it all starts with people who can see the big picture.

In any industry today, knowing how to use design as a tool for business is essential to successfully navigate an uncertain future. So whether you’re running the C suite or working in the field, here are four reasons why you should invest in design thinking.

Encourage innovation

Ever-changing consumer habits and digital transformation can make it difficult for businesses to meet customer needs and anticipate market demands. Adaptive businesses use design thinking to create a culture of collaboration, understand user needs, and develop sustainable solutions.

Knowing the right questions to ask is a great place to start. When companies apply design methods such as user research, problem definition, and systems thinking to organizational learning, financial processes, and customer systems, teams are in a better position to identify new business opportunities. innovation in the market.

For business leaders, it’s about having tangible ways to measure the impact of strategic decision-making on results. The more design guides strategy, the more agile decision-makers become. A thought-out design approach creates clearer paths to revenue growth, lower costs, increased productivity, increased consistency, better customer retention, and many other benefits.

Drive authenticity and purpose

In a competitive market, your brand is essential to your success. With design thinking, companies can set themselves apart by highlighting innovation with their brand marketing strategy and embodying the purpose and values ​​at every touchpoint.

Brand authenticity is more important than ever to attracting and retaining customers. Applying design thinking methods to your brand by aligning strategy and message with core values ​​provides a solid foundation for creating more connected customer experiences.

Boost brand reputation and value

When it comes to facilitating valuable customer relationships, design thinking is a powerful differentiator that can build long-term loyalty and trust.

Using a process of user research, analysis, synthesis, and implementation design enables businesses and teams to better understand how customers value, make decisions, and highlight issues. obstacles they might encounter during the customer journey. Prioritizing user needs and dissecting the customer experience also reveals new markets, customer segments and audience platforms that can lead to growth.

Advance your career

Next Generation Leaders Invest in Design Thinking to Develop the Collaborative Mindset, Versatile Creative Problem-Solving Skills, and Cross-functional Talent Businesses Need to Drive Innovation and Stay Adaptable in a Changing World. evolution.

That is why Kendall College of Art and Design (KCAD) created the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Design and Innovation Management with the College of Business at Ferris State University. It exposes business people to the conceptual thinking process and teaches designers how to talk business. Each of the four graduate courses approach design and business integration from a different perspective, including the design and innovation process, design communication, design and sustainable systems, and leadership by design.

The certificate combines online and in-person learning formats to provide an immersive and highly flexible learning experience tailored to the needs of busy professionals. It is ideal for companies and creatives who want to broaden their thinking, differentiate themselves in the market and advance their careers through innovation.

“The Design and Innovation Management Certificate offered a rare balance of affordability and value in an engaging experience,” said Nicole Hughes, Senior Product Manager at Steelcase. “It sparked my curiosity, broadened my network and transformed the way I use design to foster problem solving and communication across disciplines. “

Harness the power of design thinking to help you break the mold, embrace change, and boldly move forward into the future. Learn more at

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