“Dubai Ambulance” receives Platinum accreditation in “Innovation Management” from UK

Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services has achieved platinum accreditation for organizing innovation and idea management and has strengthened its global competitive position. By evaluating the performance of the innovation system and the environment and managing ideas based on the ISO 56002 innovation specification.

Khalifa Al Troy, Managing Director of Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, said he was delighted with this achievement, stressing that innovation is a culture accepted by our smart government, which must be a machine to lead at work and in life. , which led to the adoption of community members. Innovation as a working system in all fields, added: We are interested in Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Ambulance encourage our staff to present their ideas and strive to use quality to provide better services . Community. I am proud of my accomplishment for the human motivation that led us to this accomplishment, and this award recognizes the effect of honesty at work and the interaction of employees and customers of the company.

Al-Tari thanked the relevant committees of all departments of the Office and Foundation of Strategy and Organizational Excellence for achieving this goal and for innovating in the fields of emergency medicine and creating lasting solutions. for the future of reputable state ambulatory services.

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