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The New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology (CSIT) has announced that 14 start-ups will receive funding through the Small Business Innovation Research Support Programs (SBIR) and the New Jersey Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR).

Grant programs are designed to improve New Jersey’s innovation economy by providing technical and financial support to New Jersey small businesses that pursue or participate in federal SBIR and STTR grant programs.

The New Jersey SBIR / STTR Support Program offers a total of $ 400,000 in matching grants to small businesses in the state that have successfully completed the federal SBIR / STTR program.

During this cycle of the support program, the CSIT awards $ 25,000 in matching grants to cover the general operating costs of businesses to 12 companies that have received a Federal SBIR / STTR Phase I grant, and $ 50,000 in bridge funding grants to two small businesses in New Jersey who have successfully completed Phase I and applied for Phase II of the federal SBIR / STTR program.

Recipients of matching grants of $ 25,000:

  • Bezwada Biomedical LLC (Somerset County) Bezwada Biomedical is a pharmaceutical device research company specializing in absorbable polymers and polyurethanes.
  • Bright Cloud International Corporation (County of Middlesex) Bright Cloud International researches, develops and markets computerized rehabilitation technology.
  • Cascade Biotechnology Inc. (Middlesex County) This company uses protein engineering and gene therapy to identify, develop and deliver novel inhibitors that act on complement systems for diseases of the nervous system, ophthalmic and hematology.
  • CloudJuncxion Inc. (Somerset County) CloudJuncxion’s patented scheme uses multiple heterogeneous public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services, Google, and Azure, for secure storage of sensitive data. Documents are encrypted, fragmented and dispersed across multiple clouds for added security.
  • GreenBlu (Mercer County): GreenBlu solves the most difficult challenges in desalination and wastewater management: high electricity consumption and discharge of liquid waste. It does this by (1) providing purified water anywhere from any water source, (2) providing wastewater treatment without liquid discharge (including brine from the reverse osmosis) and (3) recovering aqueous biochemicals and minerals by desiccation.
  • NangioTx Inc. (Essex County): NangioTx has optimized its injectable hydrogel formulations for diabetic wound healing.
  • 7. OculoMotor Technologies (Essex County): The company develops virtual reality-based vision therapy and combines it with integrated eye tracking to provide a therapeutic effect for patients with convergence insufficiency.
  • Plumeria Therapeutics (Mercer County) Plumeria Therapeutics is developing a companion diagnostic to support the development of a non-opioid drug for painful diabetic neuropathy.
  • Prokaryotics Inc. (Union County): Prokaryotics is committed to providing innovative therapies that tackle the problem of multidrug-resistant bacteria and to address the emerging global antibiotic resistance crisis.
  • Spreadsheet Lab Manual LLC (Gloucester County): Spreadsheet Lab Manual (SLM) is a federally funded professional learning community. It started out as a grassroots organization for educators dedicated to spreading the benefits of spreadsheet modeling. SLM can add value to STEM education for all students.
  • Twinleaf LLC (Middlesex County): A sensor company, Twinleaf has created a breakthrough: microSAM, a microfabricated and ultra-compact total field optical magnetometer with an integrated control unit. Its small size and low power consumption allow a wide range of new precision magnetometer applications.
  • Viocare, Inc. (Mercer County): Viocare works with the National Institutes of Health, top universities and healthcare organizations to create research and clinical nutrition solutions that shape the future of healthcare.

Recipients of $ 50,000 Bridge Funding Grants:

  • Chiral Photonics, Inc. (Morris County): Founded in 1999, Chiral Photonics designs, develops and produces fiber-based components and assemblies.
  • Visikol, Inc. (Hunterdon County): Visikol is a contract research organization specializing in advanced drug discovery solutions, including 3D cell culture assays and tissue imaging using high content screening and confocal microscopy, as well as digital pathology and artificial intelligence solutions for the histological analysis of tissue sections.

“New Jersey has all the makings to lead the country in innovation and supporting start-ups from an early age is essential to achieve this goal,” said Gunjan Doshi, president of CSIT.

“Alleviating some of the financial burdens these companies face when competing for SBIR and STTR grants is essential to strengthen their competitiveness in the market. It always has been, and is even more important as our economy begins to reappear and reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic. “

The federal SBIR and STTR grant programs provide more than $ 3 billion annually to small businesses in a variety of research areas that deliver innovative ideas that meet specific federal research and development needs.

“Several of the companies selected for funding are working on technologies directly related to solving the health, economic and societal challenges caused by the COVID19 pandemic,” said Judith Sheft, Executive Director of CSIT.

“Since March, New Jersey’s innovation ecosystem has been at the forefront of the fight against the virus. SBIR / STTR funding will help start-ups strengthen their market position as they strive to bring potentially life-enhancing and life-enhancing therapies and technologies to market, ”she added.

“What we hear [about] time and time again from members of the tech and life science community, the need for capital for start-ups to fuel their growth, ”said Andrew Zwicker, Member of the State Assembly of New Jersey, who chairs the Assembly’s Science, Innovation and Technology Committee. “Today, we took an important step to ensure these 14 New Jersey start-ups have the financing they need to be successful.”

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