AI, From Data Science to Innovation Management, IIT Roorkee Launches 7 Academic Programs Related to New-Age Technology

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee launched seven new university programs in selected areas of engineering, architecture, economics and management, as well as a specialization in data science and intelligence artificial to meet the growing demand for new era technologies.

Secretary, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Prof. Ashutosh Sharma hoped that these programs would help students and working professionals add value to their respective fields. “New initiatives like this separate leaders from followers, and I am delighted to hear the broad outlines and philosophy of the programs,” he said at the launch of the new programs at the oldest technical institution. from the country in an online ceremony on July 30. , 2021.

“The new programs involve the transmission of relevant knowledge and the use of the knowledge that we produce. They are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary and also comply with the National Education Policy 2020. Their launch shows that we are on the verge of breaking some of the silos that we have historically created, ”added the secretary of the DST.

The programs, which include six postgraduate programs and a five-year integrated program, would be offered to students as of the next fall semester (2021-2022). They aim to facilitate quality education in new and emerging fields that are becoming increasingly relevant today.

The whole group includes –

  1. M.Tech. (Artificial intelligence) and,
  2. M.Tech. (Data science) as part of the Center for Artificial Intelligence, Data Science (CAIDS).
  3. Mr. Des. (Industrial design) and,
  4. MIM (Master in Innovation Management) under the Design Department.
  5. Online M.Tech. (Microelectronics and VLSI) for industry professionals working under the Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering.
  6. MS Economics (five-year integrated program) under the Department of Human and Social Sciences.
  7. M.Tech. (Safety and rehabilitation of dams) within the framework of the proposed International Center for Dams (currently coordinated by the Department of Hydrology).

BVR Mohan Reddy, Chairman of the Board of Governors of IIT Roorkee, who was present at the launch, hoped that these new programs would change the mindset towards learning by making it more flexible, accessible and a continuous process. “We are also targeting Atma Nirbhar Bharat, and therefore new areas with a new approach to learning are important, innovation is an integral part of our future, just like entrepreneurship. I recommend entrepreneurship programs to make sure we have a lot more job creators.

Professor Ajit K Chaturvedi, Director of IIT Roorkee, said he was convinced that these new programs would meet the demand for future technologies in higher education. “All of these new university programs meet the needs of our country. They were created after careful deliberation at several levels, ”he said. Several other dignitaries of the institute were also present for the launch of these new programs.

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